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Since 2013 I have been apart of a fantastic company, first called Birdfeud, and then renamed to Earlybird, a design and development agency in Chicago. I am the lead designer at the company and my responsibilities include (but are not limited to) Research, UX design, UI design, and Front End developement—basically, making sure every pixel on the screen is where it's supposed to be and looks the way it supposed to look. Obviously, that's no small job.

I'm fortunate to work with some very talented people and I've learned an incredible amount from the team we have at Earlybird. There's an old saying that the cobbler's children often have no shoes and that is often the case at many development agencies. It's easy to get focused on creating so many websites for clients that you neglect your own site. During a bit of down time, we designed and coded this site which more fully explains who we are and what we do.

Earlybird Company Website, Portfolio Piece #1
Earlybird Company Website, Portfolio Piece #2

Posted in Featured on Jul 30, 2015